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our story

We are a Polish family company, after two years of developing the project, we finally come out to you with completely original lamps, for young and old. Our lamps can grow together with your children. With the best artists and graphics we try to make each lamp unique and bring you joy every day.

The kids are growing too fast. Some love to read, others play sports, others are seekers who are constantly looking for new ways, new solutions, acquire new skills, have their own hobby. The originality of the lamps we have created lies in the fact that the lamp that will shine in your child's room with a peaceful safe light will remain with him through many stages of aging, changing with the child. The child grows, the environment in his room changes, but the lamp does not have to disappear, it can only take a different form adapted to the character, hobby, soul of the owner. He stays with him and may come full circle.


The lamp requires no additional installation, it glows without any additional steps. The aim of our lamps is to help develop interests, hobbies and to reflect the owner's character. We want them not only to be a "still" object but to harmonize and grow with the child.

Every hundredth lamp will be handed over to children's homes or children's hospital, so that it also brings joy and a sense of security.

Our lamp is safe and has so-called "Cold" light, despite many hours of operation, does not heat up. Its safety is also guaranteed by the fact that it is extremely light. The light is warm, which makes its light calm and calm down.

Our lamps are eco-friendly and made out of recycable materials. They are energy-saving. Their design is universal - if a child "grows out" of a baby design, you can easily replace the cover and continue enjoying the new, refreshed lamp.

Don't worry about dust and bacteria that pollute the lamp. Each outer cover can be removed and washed.

Lamp usage is around 10,000 hours. The lamp is covered by a 2-year warranty, but if your lamp stops lighting after two years, you can easily buy a new lighting module.



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